It is important and necessary to learn and understand android development for all beginners developers and programmers. There are lot of learning material available on the internet. You can visit the official Android Developer Website for Getting Started with Android. Android Application development is a great fun and activity in programming. We can use Java, Kotlin to develop Android apps.

It is important to understand the core components of the Android framework.

The first step is setting up and getting started with Android Studio go to Java Website and install latest JDK and download the Android Studio for your OS and SDK tools bundle. Fresh and beginners in Android Development Should start with JAVA. This will help you in learning in many way as compare to Kotlin which is still a new programming language.

  1. Learn Android Development
  2. Android Studio
  3. Android UI
  4. Java or Kotlin for Android
  5. Android Activity Life Cycle
  6. Relative Layout
  7. Android Development Elements
  8. XML and Android
  9. JSON and Android
  10. Google Play Store